Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Studio View

Studio View, January 2009I'm in the midst of various projects...but thought I'd post a recent photo of my studio -- my primary studio anyway. I've also got my sewing/ironing/sales studio at the front of the house, and my wet work studio table in the kitchen. Then there's my loom in the living room. And my spinning wheel, which sits recently unused by the fireplace in the family room.

Speaking of my unused spinning wheel, I've been saying lately that "Quilting is the new spinning, for me!" I have a spinning project on the wheel, and I haven't done anything on it in a couple of months. This is the first time in a dozen years that I've backed off from spinning as I have. All that ultra-fine silk I spun for the last five years really did a number on my wrists. In other words, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists, and repetitive motion activities have become almost extinct in my world. With quilting, and other endeavors, I'm changing activities pretty regularly, using my hands and wrists in different ways. So it's not quite as hard on my body as sitting and spinning for hours was.

Actually, I'm saving my wrists for spinning, because I'll be teaching spinning and dyeing classes again this spring. And it's not like I need any more handspun yarn to use. I've still got a lifetime supply already spun up!

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Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Connie, Great picture of your 'primary' studio!
BTW, I'm sure you already know, but there are electric spinners available. I saw one last fall being used by a gal who set up next to me at a craft show... very nice! She had to stop spinning with a regular wheel because it bothered her knee.