Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Discharge Quilt

Second Discharge QuiltI love this piece! It's the second in my Discharge series, finished size about 13 x 13 inches. It reminds me of something African, the savannah, animal stripes. The Discharge series began as my chosen theme for the assignments in The Art Quilt Workbook, but it's already taken on a life of its own. I'm still using this theme for the assignments, but I'm letting each finished piece be the size it wants to be instead of conforming to a size specification. The first quilt in this series is about the same size. I'm working on the next one -- which will include a digital image on fabric -- and it looks like that one will be even bigger. But it will still follow the Discharge theme.

I also finished my 3/52 weekly quilt today -- but I'll post that tomorrow.

I'm waiting for some supplies to come from Dharma Trading, so I can complete my latest Art Cloth piece. I'm trying on ideas mentally for next steps on another handwoven Art Cloth. And a third piece is looming at the edge of my creative consciousness. I have exhibits later this year -- three lined up so far -- and need more work to show!

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