Sunday, January 4, 2009

Digital Image Experiments

Here's the result of my experimenting this weekend with Bubble Jet Set and 50/50 fabric softener/water. This is two pieces of fabric, 8.5 x 11 laid together after finishing. The fabric is either linen/rayon or cotton/rayon -- I can't remember. Anyhow, the image on the left was printed on Bubble Jet Set and the one on the right on fabric softener-soaked fabric.

The process was exactly the same for both. I soaked the fabric in the solution for a bit, drip dried, ironed onto freezer paper, printed the image, let it set for at least 30 minutes, washed in cold water with synthrapol, dried and ironed.

Not only is the image vastly better with BJS over fabric softener, but I also boosted the image quality and contrast when I printed the fabric softened batch! A couple more complaints about fabric softener: I hate the way that stuff smells, and no matter what scent you get, it still stinks up the house. I also dislike the rather oily-soft hand of the fabric, plus the fact that you can feel the softener in the fabric (as well as smell it) pretty much forever. So I'm finished with that stuff.

I've got more BJS soaked fabric drying overnight so I can print a few images tomorrow and get on with my projects.


kathy said...

Hi Constance...BUT, the image on the right is not necessarily a bad just depends on what one likes! I can see using it in some instances.

Anonymous said...

I can also see uses for the more faded in a relic piece where you want the image you are using to look faded by time.... or more muted. Thanks for sharing your experimental outcomes though...

Terry said...

Interesting to see your results. I'm the person who posted to QA about good results with Fabric softener--actually my results were better with FS than with BJS. It must have something to do with what brand of printer ink is used or?? My first experiments were with scented FS and it made everything it touched smell. Now I use only unscented FS! I don't notice the change in feel of the fabric that you mention.