Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hot off the press -- actually, hot out from under the iron -- my weekly quilt, 5/52.2009 ~ Baubles. This is a little piece of cotton that I dyed, discharged and batiked, I can't remember in what order. I'm trying to do something different each week...what's different about this one is that I machine stitched the binding with big organic zig zag stitches, rather than hem it by hand.

I'll do just about anything to save my hands these days -- although it's a toss up between quilting and hand stitching, they're both hand-intensive.

I have another discharge quilt on the front burner, and two lengths of art cloth that I hope to be finishing in the next few days.

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Meg said...

With Valentine's Day coming up, it looks to me like something entirely sweet...