Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tortoise Shell

Tortoise Shell silk crepe de chine scarfHere's a crepe de chine scarf I finished today that looks a lot like tortoise shell, in the flesh. If I'd been aiming to do that, I never could have. The scarf was dyed multiple times, with both fiber reactives and acid dyes, and discharged once or twice, too. Finished size is 13 x 70" and it's available from my online outlets (except here on the blog) -- see the list over on the left.

Discharged work shirtAnd here's another work shirt that I discharged today. It's not very old, and now it's cool! I kind of feel like I'm going back to the 1960s, with some of this dyeing and discharging I've been doing. The thing is, I wasn't a hippie back then -- at least I never considered myself to be -- although I was hip and politically aware. But I didn't do massive amounts of drugs, I didn't spend the Summer of Love in San Francisco, and I didn't drive around in a converted school bus with a bunch of folks who needed to bathe. So I never really felt like I was part of the in-crowd. Anyhow, I'm kind of living that now -- at least as far as tying and dyeing clothes goes!

Yesterday I was inspired enough by Jane Dunnewold's Daily Visuals blog, that I decided I'd post a photo everyday on my personal blog, A Crone's Chronicle -- then today while posting today's photo, I decided to start a third blog! So go to my new blog, Textural Images, to see daily images that I've taken and tinkered with in Photoshop. I think I'll also be using the new blog as a feed for inspiration and images to work with in creating art cloth and art quilts. Time will tell.

What I can say is that it is a lot of fun to create blogs, and it's kind of neat that now I have three! So subscribe to Textural Images to see some really cool photos.

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Unknown said...

omg i love that shirt. did you start with a t-shirt?