Monday, December 15, 2008

Front & Back

Printed and painted cotton fabricThis is the front of a new wholecloth quilt I've started working on -- I printed the fabric a couple months ago and just added metallic paint over the weekend. The brighter daubs all over it would be the metallics.

Printed and painted cotton fabric And this is the backing for the quilt, a piece of Osnaburg that I shiboried and then hand painted, but the colors weren't strong enough -- so I over printed it this morning and finished it off.

I finally got the replacement surge protector for my Bernina, so now I have no excuses for not getting on these quilting projects that I'm slowly putting together. No excuse other than time, that is. I'm also getting the loom warped with very fine linen, and I printed up another several pieces of fabric today. Tomorrow I'll be preparing several silk screens for deconstructed printing later this week or early next.

This is how I prefer to spend my end-of-year holidays, not straying too far from ordinary life activities and art making. I'm pleased not to have the distractions that many other folks necessarily succumb to, the relatively charmed existence of someone who no longer has any real familial obligations.

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Rayna said...

To die for - what can I say?