Monday, December 1, 2008

Dyeing to Discharge

Sunday afternoon, after the better part of three days in the kitchen dyeing, I lamented that I was particularly discouraged with the results of all that work. I posted my apparent problems to one of my online groups and, without going into details here, pretty much figured out what I was doing wrong -- or at least what I will do differently in future. Dissatisfaction aside, I sure learned a lot...probably more than I would have had things gone according to plan! That's usually the way it is, isn't it?

So today I discharged my little heart out! I had a pot of thiox going on the stove nearly all day and worked on numerous pieces of fabric -- mostly different cottons, and largely solid black or mostly-black commercial fabrics. Some pieces I over discharged two and three times until I got what I was after. Tomorrow I'll make a pot of bleach solution and discharge again -- some different pieces and some of the same as today.

I really love discharging. It's such a magical process. I've started working with the Art Quilt Workbook, by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston, and the theme I will be using for all the instructional quilts will be discharged fabrics. Here are a few of today's results...

Discharged cotton

Discharged cotton

Discharged cotton

Dyed and discharged linen

The last piece is an old linen napkin that I dyed and overdyed, then discharged today in thiox. There's just no end to the interesting things that can be done on fabric by discharging. I'm hooked on it!


Vicki W said...

These are beautiful!

Ruth said...

I love how these turned out. I have just finished reading Art Quilt Workbook and your theme choice is great. I look forward to seeing your results. I am hoping I can get a local group to work through the workbook together. I always like to see how other people interpret a set of directions.

Elin said...

NICE! Our upcoming book (Art Quilts at Play) has a section about bleach discharging. It's wicked fun.