Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Demise Of A Warp

I was excited about using this fine linen to warp and weave with. But frankly, as I wound the warp I noted that it was pretty fuzzy and the threads had a tendency to want to stick together. Still, I wound, 600 ends worth at 7 yards in length. I threaded the warp over the last three days, a little bit at a time, then tied it on the back beam this morning and started to wind it on.

Sure enough, after just a few inches, warp ends sticking together created little balls that got caught on the heddles. I had this same experience early in the year, with the Silk Warp From Hell, and decided now to end this madness before I spent the rest of the week winding on this fine singles linen warp through my steel heddles. Which is not a good mix. (An aside here, I did look into purchasing TexSolv heddles, because I've been thinking about it anyway -- but at $16 per 100 heddles, it would cost me nearly $200 to replace my steel ones, and that isn't something I can or really need to do right now -- or maybe ever.)

I had already decided that I would tie a new warp onto this one when I was done weaving it, so I wouldn't have to rethread 600 heddles. Well, I decided to do that now. In other words, I cut off the linen warp in front of the threaded heddles, and I'll tie on a new warp that I've yet to wind. It'll take me far less time to make a new 600 end warp than it would to mess with the linen warp trying to get it beamed onto the loom.

Oh well. I just saved myself an enormous headache, a raft of incipient anger, and a boatload of stress! Note to myself, though -- be really careful when you buy other artists' "stash reduction" supplies. The fact is, this wasn't the first time I had problems with old stuff that I bought, at a huge discount, from someone who didn't want it any longer and/or was never going to use it. Obviously there's a reason stuff doesn't get used. I've done it myself -- bought stuff and decided it was too problematic to use, it couldn't be returned, and so I passed it on, for money or not.

So, I'm off to wind a new warp, and hurray! I won't have to thread 600 heddles again!


Sandra Rude said...

How disappointing to have a warp that simply won't make nice! I'm proud of you for cutting it off instead of torturing yourself over it for days or weeks. It's difficult to do that, but healthier in the long run. I hope the tied-on warp is more cooperative!
-- Sandra

artmixter said...

Sounds like a smart move, even to a non weaver. And the cloth in earlier posts for your quilt looks fab!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

There's a lot to be said for avoiding stress, anger, frustration! Good for you!


Taueret said...

that's clever, I wish I had done that with my horrible linen warp (tied on the new one I mean).