Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bleach Blonde

Today I had a pot of bleach/water going on the stove, and whipped up a bunch more discharged shibori fabrics. Here they are...

I swear I discharged this piece of fabric five or six times -- I've been working on it for a month or two! It's one of those heavy cottons that was fairly resistant to bleach gel, bleach pen, Jacquard discharge paste and thiox paste. I finally tied up the darn thing and threw it in the pot this morning and it finally lost some color!

This piece here was discharged in thiox yesterday -- that would be the off-white areas. Today's bleach bath produced the orange areas.

This piece is a seriously old and beginning-to-get-holey black T-shirt I wear when I'm dyeing and discharging. I like it a lot better now. I think, though, that I'll discharge my black T-shirts earlier in their life with me so I can enjoy the cool patterns before they're on their last legs!

Now this piece is a very interesting rayon fabric -- started life as a long tunic top I wore actively in the mid-90s. Not long ago I cut it up so I could use the fabric. But it's really hard to discharge -- meaning, it took forever in yesterday's thiox bath (gray areas) and the color had to be coaxed out of it today as well -- the bleach created the orange areas.

And this piece is lovely heavy Guatamalan cotton with an ikat plaid in it. The solid area at left is part of the wide border on the selvedge edges. This stuff discharged like a charm.

Late this afternoon I began putting together pieces of these wonderful discharged fabrics for the first small quilt project in the Art Quilt Workbook. But I couldn't start sewing -- drat! -- because the surge protector for my Bernina indicated that the power was spikey, or low voltage, or whatever those things tell you. Oh, this old house I live in! If I can't get clean enough power tomorrow, I may have to get a new surge protector. And you quilters out there know that these sewing machine surge protectors are pricey. But oh well!

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