Thursday, November 27, 2008

Still Waters (run deep)

I completed this piece of art cloth earlier this week. It is handwoven bombyx silk, woven shibori on a painted warp. I wove it a couple of months ago and just got to finishing it. Finished size is 17 x 73 inches.

Today was a lovely, rather quiet Thanksgiving. Scotty and I had supper with a small group of friends then came home and watched a couple of movies. I tinkered around a bit in the studio early in the day, pulling out lots of fabrics I've dyed recently just because I enjoy looking at and touching them and considering what to use them for. Also to spark my imagination for a fabric dyeing session I'll do tomorrow. I'm going to aim for dyeing once a week on a regular basis, so that I have a continual stream of fabrics to overdye and otherwise finish off before their final use.

Hope you all had a good day today, whether it was Thanksgiving for you or just Thursday.

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