Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Easy Changes

If you haven't already noticed, I've made a few changes to my blog...besides putting all the navigational links on the left now, I moved the section with my sites to the very top, and added links directly to the Flickr galleries where my artworks are located. If you get my posts by FeedBlitz, you'll have to go the blog itself to see the changes.

This is an intermediate -- or perhaps permanent -- fix to my issue about whether or not I really need a standalone website. If you click on the link for Constance Rose Designs, you'll go to the website. And the art galleries at the website are also now directly linked to from my blog, see the links for the Galleries sections. So you don't even have to go the website to see the art.

I did some research over the weekend and am thinking seriously about abandoning my current website, and redesigning one that speaks to who I am now and the art I am producing now and intending to produce. I found a host who provides all the tech support needed, for a very low annual cost for everything, hosting included (and I should add, works specifically with artists). I'll still have the same domain name but the website will be significantly different. I'm hoping my current host can put up a "redevelopment" type of page for me during December, while I am revamping the whole thing.

Stay tuned on this, the issue is likely not completely resolved.

City Lights quilt, detailAnd here's a detail of City Lights, posted yesterday.

Have a great Monday!

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Meg in Nelson said...

A new website? How exciting!