Friday, November 21, 2008

Quiet But Busy

Dyed and discharged linen napkinI'm having a busy, productive week, and feeling really wonderful about everything. Nice! The photo is of one of a set of old linen napkins that I recently dyed and discharged. Just foolin' around a bit. I have a couple other sets I did similar work on but I don't like them all that well. While I was working on all of them, though, I'd thought of writing a blog post called "Feminine Napkins," and I'm sure you all would have appreciated the play on words.

Anyhow, I completed three major pieces of Art Cloth this week, and have them posted at my shop at 1000 well as on my new website, which I'll be launching early next week. I'm totally excited about it, it's everything I've wanted in a website. So look for my post about it next week, before Thanksgiving.

Speaking of online marketing -- has anyone else noticed that Etsy has become a kitschy eBay? So many of the sellers there these days -- and I thought they were supposed to be making everything by hand! -- are buying and reselling vintage items. Clothing, linens, books, housewares, furniture, etc. I still subscribe to Etsy's Storque newsletter, and every day there are posts about vintage this and vintage that.

I'm dyeing today -- two more pieces to finish off. One silk piece with acid dyes, one cellulose piece with fiber reactive dyes. And similar colors, interestingly, although the pieces will be quite different.

Enjoy your pre-holiday weekend!

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