Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trio & Short Stack

Three new handwoven pieces Three finished pieces, off the loom yesterday, laundered and ready for whatever's next. Plus my growing short stack, below, of handwoven fabrics awaiting their respective fates. There are a few more hanging on the wall, as well.

Short stack of handwoven fabric

I've been in a place of flagging confidence recently, unsure of myself as an artist. I always feel like I'm just a beginner...there are so many artists so far ahead of me, whose work I so admire, that I feel I'll always be behind the curve. A wannabe.

I am satisfied with the fabrics I'm weaving. And that's a good thing. But I'm overwhelmed with options and alternatives for turning said fabric into art cloth. I have to take it slower and I know it. Get good at one or two new techniques before moving on to others. But there's so much I want to try and everyday I wish I were doing more than I am doing, more than I obviously can do. Because I am doing what I can do already. I have such high expectations of myself. I always want myself to master things quickly. But reality, I suppose, is showing me that I need to take it at an assimilable pace and not get ahead of myself as much as I might want to. If I look back to where I was at the beginning of this year, or a year ago, I am in a very different place, much farther along artistically, I have a creative direction, I am capable of so much more, I have embraced so many new ideas and techniques. I tend to forget this on a day-to-day level.

I wound a warp today and plan to be weaving my next set of pieces by end of this week. The warp is dupioni silk, beautiful shiny white stuff, and I'm planning several small pieces about a yard each in length. I have a bunch of unusual silk yarns to use for weft, some quite a bit heavier than I normally use. I've been wanting to weave them up into heftier silk fabrics. So that's what I'll be doing.

It's interesting that I used to spend a lot of time spinning when I was thinking about things I wanted to weave, gearing up to weave, or avoiding weaving. Now I spend a lot of time weaving (or getting ready to) as I think about surface design things I want to do, gearing up for surface design, or avoiding surface design!


Peg in South Carolina said...

This is hard to do but don't get hung up on comparing your work to others. Also, when you talk about the being torn between the need to slow down and also to focus on the one hand, and the desire to learn quickly a lot of new and different things, boy do I understand that! I was always a fast learner but never stuck to anything for very long. That has changed, as you can see from my blog! I still have trouble slowing down in terms of "daydreaming" about ideas and letting my mind wander; I always want to be "doing." And there are always other things tempting me. But I am really gaining so much satisfaction from this new-to-me way of approaching weaving that the temptations always prove to be easily avoidable. Well, relatively easily.....(grin!)

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Your work is outstanding! I admire your surface design techniques and hope to be there some day:) As artists it's important to see what is around us, use it in our work, and develop it from there. The beauty of cyber-space is that we can see what other artists are doing and allow that to inspire us to move forward in our fiber adventure. We are all on seperate paths in our learning with this art. It is said that we can study a lifetime and only scrape the surface of what there is to learn about stucture. So, keep your head up, you are a fantastic artist, I love to read your blog (every entry) and have been inspired more than you know:)!

Fiber Notes from Nicki said...

The yardage looks fabulous!

Why not create something for the Association of Southern California Handweavers - Color Connects Fashion Show in March 2009? The theme is Celebrate Color!


Connie Rose said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments, all. Peg, yes that's good advice to not compare myself with other artists -- easier said than done, as you know. I do know there are folks who look at my work and think the same things about their own work as I do when comparing myself to others! What goes around comes around! But it's nice to know I'm not alone in having to slow my pace down a bit.

Shannon/Ursula, thank you so much for your comments, much appreciated.

Nicki, I already emailed you separately.

Have a wonderful day.