Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skeins & Sales

Here's the skein of silk hankies I just finished spinning, from that really beautiful green/purple/turquoise stuff I dyed in my class a few weeks ago. I tried to make a thicker singles than usual, and I've got 500 yards. Think I'll knit up a little scarf. I haven't knit up any of the yarn from silk hankies before, and I know I'll enjoy it because I love all those textured bits of silk in the yarn.

Skein of hand dyed silk hankies yarn

I'm just finishing up warping the loom with the dupioni silk, and have some other projects to get to this afternoon. But I'm also thinking of taking the afternoon off to pleasure read. This might be my internal response to feeling a lot of pressure recently. I'm thinking, why can't I do tomorrow what I had planned to do today? It won't really make any difference in the end.

I've decided to take these three woven shibori pieces off-sale at Etsy, so I can "remodel" them with additional shibori and/or other surface designs. But before I do that, I am offering them at 25% off the listed price.

Green & Purple Woven Shibori, 15" x 71" 100% silk, listed at $860, on sale at $645

"Tropical" Woven Shibori, 12" x 70" 100% silk, listed at $630, on sale at $470

"Shining Through" Woven Shibori, 14" x 72" rayon & silk, listed at $805, on sale at $600

This is a great opportunity to pick up one of my scarves if you've been considering the possibility. Go to my Etsy store to purchase, then wait for me to send you a discounted invoice through PayPal before paying. The scarf(s) will be shipped immediately.

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