Thursday, October 16, 2008

Remodel Job One

Silk scarf painted in early 1990sI just "remodeled" a scarf that I painted back in the early 1990s -- here's the original, at left. It's a habotai silk scarf, 14 x 72 inches.

Yesterday I arashied the scarf, then added thinned metallic paint judiciously to the pleats before letting it dry following steaming. Much more dramatic, don't you think?

Newly painted scarfNewly painted scarfI'm slowly beginning to work through a host of projects. Seems like it takes me forever to move forward on some things, suppose it's because I'm such a deliberator...

Finally, finally, I have tried some inkjet transfer right onto fabric. Here are two images, both texture photos that I took months ago and doctored in Photoshop. The first one is on raw silk, the second on natural cotton.

Inkjet transfer on raw silkInkjet transfer on natural cotton

Who knows what today will bring? I prepared a bunch of fabric yesterday for painting, so there'll likely be some of that. I'm quickly working through seven yards of dupioni silk warp, making several pieces of cloth with a variety of silk wefts. And the next weaving project is forming in my mind.

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Leigh said...

These are lovely! The remodeled scarf is really a jewel.

I've heard others speak of the inkjet transfer technique. Does it require special ink?