Thursday, October 2, 2008

Black Beauty

Tencel on tencel weaving

Tencel on tencel weavingThis is the third and final piece on the warp that just won't end! Tencel on tencel. It's going really slowly...or so it seems because I'm so ready to move onto the next warp. I'm hoping those bumps in the pattern ridges even out when the piece is laundered. I'm hoping to finish up by tomorrow, if not sooner. I can't wait to weave tabby again! There's nothing like plain ol' plain weave!

Quilt of handwoven fabric

I've also been working on this little quilt this week, hoping to finish this up in the next few days. I ended up backing it with the original fabric I dyed for it, that indigo-looking cotton shibori dyed with black procion dye. Turns out it looked the best with the top. When I post the finished piece, I'll enumerate all the steps in the project.

Anyhow, it's raining here today -- first real rain of the season -- and I'm hunkering down at home, working on projects, hanging out with BeeGee (who's laying next to my computer as I write this, leaning against my left arm -- what a beauty he is!), and staying warm.


Taueret said...

you're on fire at the moment. The blacks are really stunning. That undulation is so beautiful.

Meg in Nelson said...

I just finished my first ever shadow weave, and because it was done on a table loom, my back hurts pretty badly just now and part of me thinks "Never in a million years", and another part of me is quite intrigued by the optical illusion.

Whereas previously I wanted to create shapes using weave structures, (so, for e.g. I just love the undulating stuff you've been weaving), I'm intrigued, as I said, by the optical illusion that can be done on fewer shafts. Though I don't know if I like the hand of the resulting cloth.

Phew... I need time to catch up with your blogs, Connie, but I have one more commission that was due late-August-ish...