Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bigger Pieces, Deeper Colors

Dye printed fabric
Dye printed fabric
Dye printed fabricMore fabric printing today, this time with stronger dye colors. I'm quite satisfied now that I can get the depth of shade I want on my fabrics. I printed half a dozen pieces today, the three above "work" for me. The top two are detail shots. The piece on top is about 18" x maybe 45," the second one is about 25" x 60," and the bottom one is about 25" x 25."

I really like doing this all-over patterning. In all this sampling I've been doing lately, I've been getting a handle on what I like and what I don't like -- the processes I prefer, the tools I prefer to work with, the items that give me the visual textures I want. In an unlimited field of options, it's a good thing to focus on a few things.

After I printed fabric, I prepared three silk screens to do deconstructed screen printing the next time I'm in the mood to print fabric. Deconstructed screen printing is a process where you "glue" textural items on the back of a silk screen (in this case, stuck onto the screen with thickened dye that has dried). After the screen is dry and the objects are taken off, the surface of the screen retains the dried, textured dye that is then printed off with print paste or discharge paste or thinner or unthickened dye. Each time the squeegee with the wet media passes over the screen, more of the dried dye is released, creating a slightly different print from the last one or the next one. I can't wait to print with these. But first I have to soda soak some more fabric.

Tomorrow I'll be discharging a yard of black commercial cotton to use for the back of another small quilt I'm working on. I also plan to work on my current set of woven fabrics -- I'm on the third piece of the batch. And I'm trying to get something to rust onto a piece of handwoven silk from that last batch of woven fabric. I don't think it's working, though, so I'll have to try another rusted object tomorrow.


Rayna said...

Sigh...I want to be you. Your fabrics are beautiful - these look deconstructed - are they fabrics you've woven?

Your polka dots made me smile - isn't it wonderful what serendipitous things happen when you're not looking? I'm heading to the dollar store to see if I can find an off-brand bleach pen - LOL.
What fun! And I'm glad my book is inspiring you.

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