Monday, October 20, 2008

Art Every Day Month

I have reupped my commitment to making art every day by joining Leah Piken Colidas (Creative Every Day) in her latest art challenge, Art Every Day Month.

Check out Leah's blog and take on the art challenge. And remember: we're ALL artists, some of us just don't know it yet!

Have fun, make art, inspire yourself and others!


Meg in Nelson said...

Like Peg, I've been thinking about this. I believe it's a very commendable thing, which I might try later in the summer, but for me, it'd be a very watered-down version, just output of some sort every day, (e.g. one new draft?) rather than art work.

Can I look forward to seeing little art pics every day, tthen?

Connie Rose said...

No completed pieces from me every day, Meg! I'm with you about how I'm approaching the AEDM idea -- just continuing to be creative every day (I've been participating in Leah's Creative Every Day since early this year, as well), and I urged Peg not to make the challenge too difficult for herself. Doing something every day is what's important to me, not whether I finish a piece a day.