Monday, October 20, 2008

Arashi Today

Arashi chiffon scarf Arashi chiffon scarfToday I arashi'd this silk chiffon scarf that I painted yesterday. I'm waiting for another painted scarf to dry, with its added metallic highlights, and then I'll be posting these handpainted beauties to Etsy as a new and growing collection. The scarf blanks are from China, 100 percent silk, handrolled hems, and a delight to work with. This one here is a 35" x 35" square. Mostly I'll be doing rectangles.

I dye painted a new crop of fabric pieces yesterday -- some turned out fantastic, some not as good. Now I'm tweaking my dyeing/printing accumen with regard to different fabrics and percentages of dyes so I have a bit more control over the results.

I'm also warping my loom with 10 yards of cotton/tencel warp, for a batch of cellulose fiber fabrics for my growing stack of handwoven cloth. Back downstairs I go, to finish up.


Leigh said...

These are stunning! Very nice indeed.

Meera said...

This is Meera from India...Your work is BRILLIANT.......I love the way colors and textures are working...
I just have a question....How is the response on selling on Etsy? I am silk painter, I have always been wanting to sell has it been..I was curious as u mentioned you will put it up on etsy..
Have a wonderful day