Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Small Silk Skein

Hand dyed silk skeinI just spun up this small skein of silk, 190 yards, that I dyed last weekend during my class. One ply is tussah and the other is bombyx. I spun it quite a bit heavier than usual; the weight of this is between sport and worsted. There's not much but I'm thinking I'll knit up a little something. I almost never knit my hand dyed, handspun silks, probably because most of them have been too fine to do anything with except knit gossamer lace. Anyhow, this was a joy to spin.

In other news, I was the recipient today of two pieces of wide diameter PVC, gratefully donated to the cause by the Humboldt Community Services District -- and cut to spec as well! I also "liberated" two pieces of construction fencing from a road project a few miles from home. Now my backporch is starting to look like a lumberyard!