Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Next Steps

Silk woven shiboriI took the next step today on the dyed/discharged silk piece from a week or so ago. I'd gathered up the shibori threads over the weekend, and this morning I dyed the piece again, dried and ironed it. I planned for those very subtle colors that were just slightly darker than the piece was before the shibori dyeing. Now I'm thinking about what's next on this.

Silk/tencel painted warp scarfThe second piece is a silk and tencel scarf I did a while back. The white silk warp was painted with black, then I used handspun black tencel for the weft. It was in my personal collection, and I liked it but always felt it needed something else. Today I applied some metallic paint, and now I've decided to cut the piece in half, hand stitch the two halves together, and make a wall piece out of it.

This was the first handwoven piece that I've applied paint to and I wanted to see what that was like. I felt dispassionate about it, which is a good thing. I suppose one needs to have somewhat of a thick skin to do what I'm doing on dear-to-my-heart handwoven fabric. The fact that for years now I've let go of my attachment to handspun weaving thrums (loom waste) and thrown them away if I didn't have a really good use for them, has prepared me for this bigger step.

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