Friday, August 29, 2008

Interesting New Projects

Discharge painted black cotton warpI've got two interesting new projects on my loom now. This is a painted warp piece, only I started with black mercerized cotton and discharged it with bleach as though I was painting it with dye. I'm really interested in the possibilities for discharging and this is one of my initial experiments. I'll be using that dyed-discharged silk weft in black/green/gold that I posted a photo of a few posts ago, so this woven substrate should be really interesting.

The second piece on this warp will be all black -- the cotton warp woven up with black tencel, in a networked twill pattern. Ever since learning about network drafts, through Alice Schlein's incredible work, I've wanted to try it. Unfortunately having only 8 shafts seriously limits what's possible with network drafting, but I'm hoping to push the edges with what I've got, over time. At any rate, my plan is to weave a length of black fabric in two fibers, then discharge shibori the piece, although I'm not intending to weave in the shibori threads. I don't have enough shafts to do that as well as the network draft.

I'll start weaving the first piece tomorrow and am looking forward to it!


weaverly said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my work. I love yours, too! You are an incredibly inventive dyer. BTW, Network Drafting on 8 shafts is very doable. Carry on.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I double everything weaverly said! This looks like it is going to be an amazing piece.

Connie Rose said...

Well, 3 inches in and I already ripped out the painted weft -- will use that for the second piece on only-black warp. The combination of the colors of the painted weft with the discharged warp was absolutely discordant. So I'm 4 inches in now with black cotton weft on the discharged cotton warp, doing a network pattern -- and I'm loving it!