Monday, August 18, 2008


The Humboldt County Fair is over, and I scored ribbons on 27 of my 31 entries! About half those ribbons were First Place Blue Ribbons. Many of the finished items and skeins I've shown you over the past months here on my blog, were first-place winners.

Ribbons won at 2008 Humboldt County Fair

But what to do with all those ribbons that I win every year? Over the years I tried different ribbon management strategies -- methodically marking the back of each ribbon with the year and name of entry, attaching the ribbon to the skein or finished piece and displaying them in my studio, pinning the ribbons to a bulletin board in stacks, by year won -- but to be honest with you, any more I just toss them out. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely wonderful to win ribbons and the associated kudos. But how many ribbons can you have, in reality? They're the same ribbons every year, I kept them in a box for a while, but decided long ago that they're just more stuff gathering dust. The only ones I'll keep anymore are special ribbons -- Best Of's and the like. I did win a Best of Category this year, but the ribbon was missing when I picked up my pieces earlier today, so the Fair Coordinator will have to send me one when she receives replacements. Anyway, another year, another haul of winnings!

Painted warp

I'm warping the loom with those two painted warp pieces. The photo above is of the warp I was intending to weave up with the black-green-gold weft I discharged last week. But after seeing how beautiful and watery this turned out, I've changed my mind and will weave it with an olive green tencel. And it will be a woven shibori in a pattern I've wanted to do again since I did it the first time, last year.

The second painted warp piece in this duo was done to look like an ikat piece, with colored strips and black/white stripes. Here's that section of warp on my loom bench.

Painted warp ikat

One of the projects I'm working on this week is to produce a scarf for the Surface Design Association's upcoming auction. I'll be using a silk scarf blank to dye and paint. I'm looking forward to having fun with this, hope to get to it tomorrow.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Congratulations on the ribbons---not that your winning them is any surprise.......(grin!). I'm glad to see other weavers changing their minds about their original intentions!