Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All In A Morning's Work

Just another busy morning in the studio!

Silk warp being painted

First warp length being painted, above.

Silk warp being rolled up

Then rolled up in plastic to make room to paint the second warp length.

Another length being painted

Second length being painted, before colors were added.

Drying painted warp

Finished warps drying. Voila!


Peg in South Carolina said...

Do you paint one color at a time? I notice, too, that there seems to be little diffusing on the edges, so I am wondering if you also thicken the dye? Or do you paint on dry yarn? I also assume you steam the painted yarns?

Connie Rose said...

Hi Peg, I don't usually paint one color at a time altho I did do the black, here, at once. I don't thicken the dye, and I work on soaked and wrung out yarn. And then steam for 20 minutes. The colors do run together because of the wet dye on the wet yarn but I like it that way. Maybe sometime I'll try thickened dyes.

Leigh said...

Lovely! I like the way you roll the warps in the wrap. Much better than the way I usually try to do it.