Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sketchbooks, Part 2

That last post generated some feedback, so I thought I'd let you in on what I DO do, rather than sketchbooks, per se...

I make 3-ring binders or notebooks for various things. I have a binder with raw silk swatches and tons of info on acid dyes, primarily ProChem Sabraset dyes. I refer to this extensively whenever I use acid dyes. Included in this notebook are pages of colorways I've downloaded from numerous places, magazine photos, catalog photos of available colors of towels, for instance, art postcards I've painted with water media that I've thought I wanted to replicate with dyes, etc.

I actually have two acid dye binders -- the one listed above is the one currently in use. The first one I did had samples of every formula Deb Menz mentions in Color in Spinning, which I followed methodically when I first started using Sabraset dyes, and before I took a dyeing class from Nancy Finn of Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks here in California. For this binder, I actually dyed weighed clumps of white romney in all the colors, and after putting together a swatch book with formulas noted on the back of each (I used sheets of slide protectors), I had a lot of dyed wool left over that I subsequently used to make carded color blends for other color theory projects Deb Menz suggested in her book.

I also keep spiral notebooks of dyeing info whenever I dye -- fabric or fiber dyed, quantity, DOS, number of milliliters dyestock needed for each color, color formulas, amount of acid used, etc. Usually I keep a bit of dyed fiber, taping it on the page with the info for that dye project. I'm on my second or third dyeing spiral notebook.

I have a separate notebook for natural dyes -- color swatches, info from various sources, etc.

I have a notebook for Woven Shibori -- photos of each piece I've done with the draft on the back. I annotate the photo with the warp sett, type of yarn used, etc.

I have a notebook for woven items I've done -- although I stopped keeping it up to date because I didn't have time when I was weaving so much stuff at one point. Each page has several photos of the finished piece, small samples of the yarns used, date completed, warp sett, etc.

I have a binder for my early work with the many types of silk to spin. The more recent pages of that book, again slide protectors, have spun lengths of silks I've dyed prior to spinning. I've got bombyx, tussah, hankies and caps here. It's a bit out of date. It's been hard to keep up with all the documentation over the last year or two.

I also had a notebook that I started 30 years ago when I first got into fiber arts, that I finally finished off not long ago, with notes for each woven piece I did -- warp and weft yards needed, sett, yarn used, pattern or design, etc.

Recently I started a spiral notebook for art cloth and all that I'm starting to do toward that end. I guess you could call it a sketch book although most of the info in it at this point is narrative ideas. We'll see what develops here!


Peg in South Carolina said...

I have two 3-ring binders, one for Sabraset/Lanaset dyes and one for Procion MX dyes. I also have yarn windings on multiple cards grouped together when I have done extensive studies of two-color multiple-depth-of-shade studies. I gave up on the weaving binder long ago, but I do have individual binders for each workshop I have taken. Speaking of which, oh, do I ever envy you your Chasing Colors workshop!!!!!

Meg said...

I have so many sketchbook/notebooks I don't know what I'm doing with them, as well as 2-ringed (not nice at all but we don't have 3-ringed ones very often) on some stuff... I haven't kept a weaving record notebook for nearly two years now, and I'm starting to think I'll never go back and compile all the information I have in bits and pieces.

God, I need to reorg my stash room!!!