Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Been Weaving

As this week has progressed, I've been feeling better. I've had two chiropractic adjustments, a terrific massage, and have been religious about icing/heating and stretching. Sitting is still the worst offender of my back...

But I did find that sitting at my loom wasn't all that bad! So I finished the painted warp piece I've been working on and am now on the second piece on that warp. Here it is...

Silk twill fabric

The warp here is 20/2 bombyx silk, and the weft is a lovely dupioni silk singles, about a 10 in weight. It'll make up into a lovely piece of twill fabric which I'll be shibori-ing it too, as you can see.

I'm hoping to get to that studio reconfiguration this weekend, with a lot of help from Scotty. I'll post photos of it when it's complete. The main goal is to get my large worktable out of the kitchen and into the studio, and make it even bigger with the addition of two "leaves" I use when I need 36" x 96" to work on. The leaves spend most of their time in a closet because they're too big to have out all the time. Hopefully not any more. Although the access to my kitchen sink will be less than optimal, so we'll see how this whole affair works out!

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