Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Acceptance!

Another exhibit acceptance arrived in today's mail! I'll have five pieces on exhibit and for sale at ArtWear Fashion Week at the Lincoln Center for the Arts in Fort Collins, Colorado. Exhibit dates are September 5 - 12.

This is SO exciting...I'm loving putting my work out there and being invited to exhibit in front of captive audiences, as it were. In other words, patrons going to specific events to find unusual work to buy. What a concept! Selling art is such a non-starter in my neck of the woods, that sometimes it's hard to believe people really DO buy art.

My out of area sales are just beginning, but "Showing My Work Elsewhere" has been my mantra and my plan of action recently. I'm definitely feeling emboldened by this new invitation.


Meg said...

Wow, congratulations! Leaps and bounds!!!

Unknown said...

congrats on shifting your mindset!

Cate Rose said...

Thanks Meg & Sue! Sue, this was the exhibit I hesitated on entering because I didn't think my work was good enough! Thanks for the push.

Unknown said...

what a boost for your confidence :)