Saturday, June 14, 2008

You're Invited to a Virtual Weaving Exhibition

Hand dyed, handspun small silk scarfYou're all invited to view the Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition (SSVE) of weavers from around the world, happening online now through June 27. Each weaver has created small scarves (approx. 6" x 60") that are beautiful in both color and technique.

Begin your tour by visiting Meg Nakagawa, world-class weaver in Nelson, New Zealand, then follow this link (also at the bottom of her SSVE post) to continue your virtual trip around the globe.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition!


Meg said...

You must mean world class moaner and wannabe good weaver, surely. But thank you for the link. Your purple is my favorite, definitely, so I'm glad you chose that one.

Cate Rose said...

I love your weaving Meg. You've been at it longer than I have, you have more shafts (I have serious more-than-eight-shaft envy), and I'm about to "hit you up" to borrow a pattern of yours, if you'll let me have it. I'll email you the photo of the piece I'm lusting after directly to your email.
You're a more advanced weaver than I am and your work is inspiring. Don't sell yourself short!

saoriweaver said...

Beautiful scarves and the yarn is gorgeous - your choice really does highlight the yarn. They must be wonderful to wear!

Happy Weaving,