Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Texture of Water

Manipulated, solarized ocean foam Manipulated, solarized ocean foam

I'm in gathering, or circling, mode. When I circle, I cast a mental net around ideas and thoughts, and gradually pull them in closer, to assimilate and germinate, before taking concrete steps toward bringing something to fruition. I'm moving toward the art I intend to be doing next, a little bit at a time, preparing in this area, gathering materials over there, pulling information and inspiration from the places I've been storing it, waiting patiently for this time.

It feels comfortably linear, but I know it's not. There are a lot of things going forward at once, numerous balls to hold in the air. And I've always resisted the process being like that, but it is. So I'm learning how to go with it, not feel like I have to master one element before moving on to the next, allowing myself to be open to all things at once, to accept lack of closure and completion.

As I walked the beach today I saw myself picking up shells and beach stuff that was less than whole and complete, less than perfect. Stuff I might not have picked up before because it was partially flawed in some way. Today I felt okay with disintegration, with the ongoing process of formation and transformation.

Post Script -- the image shows surface design at its most elemental.

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Meg said...

Your telling me the Morris Graves is so near you, I had to check the map of Eureka, and I see you have a big boulder bank, too. (I think all of Nelson's sister cities have that in common.) I can kind of imagine you driving or walking a mile or so (??) to get to the water. Must be a beautiful place to live, even at 4AM!!