Tuesday, June 17, 2008


That possible studio space I looked at the other day was beautiful, with gardens and a killer view of Fortuna -- but the price was near what I'm paying for rent right where I am. And honestly I wouldn't want to have a studio in a place that wasn't conducive to my creativity, so the entire plan of my giving up my home, although well intentioned, began to look less and less like a viable alternative.

So after spending the evening looking at our options, the gist of the matter is that I'm not going to be leaving Eureka after all, and Scotty will be moving in with me in the next few months. BeeGee, for one, is going to be a much happier camper staying put.

I'm still having that humongous yard sale this Saturday, though. And although I admit to retrieving just a few things I'd thrown in the sale pile, the rest is going and it feels wonderful. And there'll likely be more on the pile by Saturday morning. I've gotten the hang of this "letting go of unnecessary stuff" thing. There's more open space around my plants, on my bookshelves, in my studio. So now I have more than enough room for Scotty to claim space of his own in our future home together.

Late yesterday I reorganized my work studio and it's a lot nicer now, more room to breathe and work and be inspired. Tomorrow I'm planning to dye silk hankies to spin up more of that plied yarn I wrote about on Sunday. The possible drafts for my next weaving are just waiting for my final selection. And I'm hoping to dive soon into that box of goodies I purchased recently from Dharma Trading.

There's something about big change, though, that I think I find exhilarating. Maybe it's because I'm such an organized person, and I like orchestrating the logistical facets of change. I hope it's not a reflection of some deep-seated drama queen part of my psyche that I don't normally relate to. I've never liked the idea of playing my life out on the world's stage or drawing a lot of attention to myself. So even changing my mind about something after an initial decision has been made, or going off in the opposite direction to the one I've been moving in, initiates a certain amount of anxiety inside.

Anyway, it's all good, and I'm feeling stronger for my willingness to go with the flow, whatever that might be.

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Unknown said...

well, personally im glad you are staying in eureka. but of course, it's all about me and my preferences...it will be much easier to see you now, of course!