Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh What An Angled Web We Weave

I couldn't resist that name for my post, since Scotty and I both used the phrase, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave..." over the weekend, in reference to different people we know with complex lives. But the name here refers to the fact that I moved my loom to be at an angle in its location, so that I have room to maneuver my arms to weave a 30 inch warp. I haven't woven this width often, because it is hard on my upper we'll see how this project goes. I'll tell ya, getting old ain't for sissies!

Cartoon and color swatches for warp painting

This is a photo from my warp painting session last Friday, with my cartoon and color swatches. Just below is the silk warp, after steaming and before drying.

Painted warpAnd the last photo shows the sleyed warp waiting to be threaded. As I mentioned last week, only one of two projects on this warp is painted prior to weaving.

Warp waiting to be threaded on the loom

It's interesting to me that I'm in a green and purple dyeing phase. Without realizing it until last Friday, most, if not all, of my recent dyeing projects have been with similar colors. Actually, there's something I like about that, because the palette keeps changing ever so slightly and I enjoy seeing the variations on this theme. Green and purple is one of my very favorite color combos, so I may as well go as far into it as I can!

Incidentally, the pattern for the painted warp was one of my texture photographs from a couple months ago, manipulated and recolored in Photoshop.


Meg said...

Oh, what beautiful preparation! You do everything beautifully, Connie. I bet you never use back of envelopes, receipts or stained napkins??? Such different approaches. You are a star!

Cate Rose said...

Thanks Meg!!