Friday, June 13, 2008

Committed to Change

I had an offer today I almost couldn't refuse -- except the momentum of my coming move and the excitement of doing everything in my life differently are propelling me forward unabated. My landlord essentially asked me to name my price for monthly rent -- he SO wants me to continue living in his house. I feel honored and tremendously grateful for his kind gesture.

So, of course, I have been checking in with myself about the move, and rechecking in with myself, looking at it from as many angles as I can grasp. And the bottom line is that I am ready for something new in life. And I don't have to have the answers or a visual image of how life will look in, say, three or four months from now. Somethings I know, but others I don't. And for maybe the first time, that's okay with me. How refreshing. I'm trusting in the Universe. It's all good and it's all going to be new and different and wonderful in its own way.

Just like being here has been wonderful...but it's also been kind of overwhelming, too. The house is big, 1700 square feet, and doesn't get cleaned very often anymore. I do keep it tidy, but vacuuming and floor washing are seldom done these days. And the yard, this beautiful piece of heaven in the center of town, requires a lot of upkeep, tons of cutting back, bi-weekly mowing this time of year, and it just never stops. It's a lot for one person to manage.

And Scotty and I really do want to live together and see where life takes us from here, together. So I'm committed to this change of life. I'm just kind of amazing myself because not long ago, imagining what's happening now was virtually unthinkable. I feel different inside. And this is a good thing.

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Meg said...

Scotty or no Scotty, being allowed to name your rent must have been amazing! And scary. You are courageous!