Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To Bead or Not To Bead

I'm busy fleshing out my collection of beaded jewelry, in anticipation of North Coast Open Studios in a couple of weeks. I make jewelry in spurts these days, usually in conjunction with Open Studios or some other event. I seem to work better, at many things, under pressure of a deadline. Here's a shot of my studio table this morning...

Studio workbench

I am particularly fond of greens, as I think I've mentioned numerous times, and Chinese turquoise, becoming ever rarer, is my absolute favorite stone to work with. The cabochons I'm using now are all from my inventory of stones purchased several years ago. I'm going to have to travel out of the area when I need more as they're impossible to find in these parts. Cabochons are cut, polished stones that are flat on one side, so they can be mounted in or on various materials.

Display of jewelry from 1998

This second photo was a display of some of my work, from about 10 years ago. Although all these pieces sold long ago, I still have one or two neckpieces available, plus earrings in other styles, a couple of wrist cuffs, and several brooches.

I still enjoy making jewelry and glad to have a reason to do it every so often.


Margarita Korioth said...

Your neckpieces are gorgeous. I'm glad you join the complexcloth group; I'm relatively new there too.
regards from florida -Marga

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Marga! And thanks for finding me thru complex cloth. I haven't done anything with that, yet, but keep coming back to my blog.

I love the work on your blog! You're not new to complex cloth, as far as I can see, although you may be new to the group. Great work!