Friday, May 23, 2008

Little Beauties, Part One

When I make jewelry, I do mini production runs of maybe 8 to 12 pairs of one style. Here are two photos of the style I made 9 pairs of this week. I'm working on another style and will upload photos in a couple days when that batch is complete.

Beaded earrings with Chinese turquoiseClose up of earrings

Each of these uses Chinese turquoise but you'll see each pair is different from the rest. I always select beads that match the stones as nearly as possible. That makes the overall feeling of each piece more organic.

If anyone is interested, these pairs sell for $49 US each, plus shipping. If you'd like, I can send you close ups of any of them (there are more options available, as well). And I take PayPal. These will not be listed at my Etsy site -- that hasn't been a good venue for my jewelry, nearly all of which I sell out of my studio anyway.

If you're in the US and celebrating a holiday weekend, have a good one. If you're not, have a lovely weekend anyway!

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