Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Relations

Finally I've completed these two related weavings! They are a turned taquete on the left and an echo weave on the right, both woven on the same warp of lizard green and Pompeii red tencel. The pattern drafts are by Bonnie Inouye, a recently-featured project in Handwoven magazine. Bonnie is one of a handful of weavers whose work I absolutely love, someone I'd love to take a class from someday. Although we have some terrific weavers and fiber artists in Humboldt County, it's extremely rare that we have someone of Bonnie's calibre travel to these parts to teach a class. Guess I'll have to go elsewhere for that.

Turned taquete weaving in tencelEcho weave in tencel

The heft and drape of these two pieces are wonderful -- I suspect that's partly due to the 40 epi warp sett. Also the hand of the tencel, which is naturally soft and somewhat heavy.

I've decided to show off these two pieces together, and here's how I've got them arranged, hanging on the wall by my loom...

Tencel weavings displayed with jewelry

I love showcasing my textiles and my jewelry together. All very ethnic, don't you think?

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