Monday, April 28, 2008

Sock it to Me

The other day after rereading my last post, I remembered that I knit a pair of socks with handspun yarn a few years ago, the yarn with similar colors to the shibori I finished last week. Here it is:

Handspun, handknit wool socks

This pair is 100% wool, dyed with acid dyes. And while I was shooting these, I decided to include these other handspun, handknit socks as well for your viewing pleasure...

Handdyed, handspun wool socks

The black pair is also wool, natural black merino and hand dyed romney.

Handdyed, handspun wool and silk socksThe orange pair is wool and silk, also hand dyed.

The last pair is alpaca and silk, and these I enjoyed making the most. And I like them the best. But I don't particularly like to wear handknit socks, they feel strange on the bottoms of my feet.

A friend suggested that I make a 4-ply sock yarn, rather than the 2-ply that I've used in the past, that the extra two plies would round out the yarn and it wouldn't feel so odd on the bottoms of my feet. I haven't tried that yet but I hope to someday.

Handdyed silk and natural alpaca handknit socks

Mostly I've enjoyed knitting socks, but not wearing them. They're a blast to knit!


Taueret said...

I was staring at your socks thinking "several YEARS ago"? They still look new! You don't wear them? I know someone who would *blink blink* ;-).

Connie Rose said...

Well, I did clean 'em up and wash them after wearing a few times!