Friday, April 18, 2008

Serendipitious Color

Frequently when I dye, I have a colorway in mind, and I'll mix dyes specifically for what I'm wanting to do. Sometimes, though, I'll dye with already mixed-up colors I have on hand, and the results are usually delightful.

Beachglass bombyx silk

Last weekend at my silk dyeing class, I threw some colors together on the fly and created this colorway I'm calling Beachglass. (Sue, I know you'll love this and you're welcome to use it!) I've been spinning up the bombyx and tussah tops I'd dyed and decided I liked the colorway so much that I just dyed the remaining wet silk that's been sitting in my kitchen since last weekend. So now I'll have three ounces of each top, which will net me about 1000 yards of each, enough to do something lovely with.

Yesterday I lamented about not having time to go to my ABC gathering, but what I did in the late afternoon was reorganize my working studio to give myself a table for collage and space for all the wonderful art supplies and materials I love playing with in my "free time." I've wanted to do this for a while and a bit of a spring cleaning mood hit me yesterday, so now it's done. Just having cool materials at hand and accessible, and a place to work, is oftentimes all I need to spontaneously create new stuff.

Collage workspaceCollage Journal cover

The photo at right is the cover of a collage journal I started a year ago. I'm hoping to get inspired to move forward with it.

To the left of the photo on the left are shelves with tons of materials. But I want and need more art materials. I'm hoping to "hit up" my artist friend Joan Gold in the next few weeks to spend a little time in her studio test driving some of the incredible materials she uses in her art.

Well, it's only just 9:00 am in my timezone and I've been up for nearly four hours, doing house chores, dyeing, spinning and blogging. Guess I'll sign off and get into the rest of my day.


Taueret said...

that silk is gorgeous. those colours!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I love the colors. I do lots of dyeing but have done very little with dyeing fiber. I've read a lot about various ways to do it. Your dyeing always inspires me just an inch closer to starting to play with fiber myself. I like your using leftover dye mixes. I always have lots of them and maybe it's time I put them to use instead of throwing them out!

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Taueret!
Peg, email me your email address and I'll send you a PDF with instructions on dyeing silk hankies. That's an easy way to get started dyeing fibers!


as I was reading your blog I noticed you have a small picture of a larger painting I own, the one of the lady smelling the roses. What a small world.

Connie Rose said...

Yes, I love that painting. Have been thinking about it these past few days, because I have a rhododendron tree in my backyard with flowers that remind of those roses, and I imagine myself smelling them the way that woman is smelling the roses. Lovely painting!