Monday, April 7, 2008

My Oldest Friend

I've recently been in touch with my oldest friend, Abby Chavez (oldest, as in I've known her longer than any other friend!), who lives in Idaho. Abby and I have been friends since Los Angeles, where I was born, raised and went to school. Although we've seldom lived in the same place at the same time since then, we've managed to stay in touch over the years through marriages, divorces, major moves, life upheavals and more.

Abby was one of my early inspirations when I started my textile career. She was quite the embroiderer herself, also a knitter and a seamstress, and over the years, like me, she has tackled numerous media and genre. She just sent me this photo of some of her latest work, and it is so unusual I wanted to share it with my readers.

Unfortunately, Abby has no presence on the web, or else I'd link you to her and her work.

I am one of those folks who over the years divorced my family of origin, so family for me, today, are those few special people who've taken the time to get to know who I am, who've shared all of themselves with me, and who I know would be there for me in a minute should the need arise. Abby is one of those people. I hope you enjoy her art!

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Sweet Irene said...

Hi Connie, I have an award for you over at my place.