Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Flames

Weaving on, on the turned taquete piece. Here it is...

The warp and weft on this piece is tencel. Although it is difficult to see, the weft is a burgundy color so when you see the fabric in the flesh, the color is much richer than it appears in the photo.

Today is dyeing day in my house, another dyeing day, that is...since I dyed yesterday, as well. Yesterday it was more bombyx top, with just two colors from my Beachglass colorway. Today it is underdyeing two woven shibori pieces -- one is brand new, off the loom last week. The other I did about a year ago and I wasn't at all happy with the way it turned out. So I am re-dyeing it and then I'll do arashi shibori on it. Arashi shibori is a process of wrapping the fabric around a pole and then wrapping that with thread, then scrunching it down on the pole, then dyeing it. I've been meaning to try it for quite a while and now finally getting to it.

More later!

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