Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cards and Tags

I appreciated everyone's comments on my post yesterday! It makes me feel warm inside when I realize my words and thoughts have a positive impact on others, and that I'm not alone. Also that my blog is a safe place to share my deepest thoughts and feelings about the life I'm living.

Today I'm in a much softer place, doing whatever I'm doing with a new sense of joy and meaning. It's all good.

Yesterday I reconsidered what I'd decided to do about business cards and hang tags, and after recent changes, I went back to an earlier format while still retaining a new look.

For years I've been using the top business card, doing them at home on my computer and hand cutting them. Since I made changes to this or that fairly often, I couldn't see the point of having 1000 made each time. I used a hang tag that had a vertical layout with much of the same info on it.

During the recent Art as Business program I attended, I decided to change to the middle card, and I made a hang tag that coordinated. I really like that image from one of my woven shiboris, used the image on an art postcard, and decided to go with this because it's so updated, fresh, and bright.

The problem was, the bright hang tags looked ghastly on my scarves, nearly all of which are in subdued colors. So I decided last night to go back to the original cardstock that I have used for nearly 20 years, but with the newly laid out text -- and use them for business cards AND hang tags. It's a much more sophisticated look. And I've got woven labels coming, which will be black with gold letters, and I'm satisfied now that the whole package will be "of a piece."


Sweet Irene said...

The last hang tag looks very good, Connie. It has a real professional look without putting people off.

There are many details to think about. It is good when you can come up with a good solution and be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose.
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