Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going With the Day

Work table in studioI've got tons of interesting and exciting projects in front of me now...I've got a couple of things on my agenda for today, but I'm easily getting sidetracked to some of the others. I've decided to go with where the day takes me, knowing it's all within the context of me making art and doing creative things.

I've been reading a cool book called Living The Creative Life, by Rice Freeman-Zachery. It's actually a compendium of ideas and inspirations from about a dozen working artists, and I'm enjoying the little hints and tips and kicks-in-the-butt that I'm getting from it.

What's on my "plan" today is to:

  • dye one of my shibori pieces

  • write a new artist statement

  • takes steps toward getting set up to do arashi shibori (another shibori resist process of wrapping fabric on a pole, wrapping thread around the fabric, scrunching the fabric down to about 4 or 5 inches wide on the pole, then dyeing it)
    • Other things that are capturing my imagination today are:

    • continuing to spin up that Beachglass silk I dyed late last week

    • working on my crocheted afghan

    • working on a pocket shrine

    • collaging on a glass jar in which to hold slips of paper with creative words on them (such as "paint," "collage," "embellish," so I can pull out one word each day and plan to employ that word in some creative way that day -- this idea from the book I mentioned)

    • putting together big books of patterns and other written materials I've been collecting for years, on dyeing, weaving, knitting, textile design, pattern, etc.

    • selecting yarns for my next weavings and getting the loom warped

    • sewing woven labels on my finished and ready-to-sell textiles

    • applying for exhibitions
      • I feel really blessed to be a creative and to have so many avenues of expression. It makes me feel rich and prosperous to have an artistic life, to make beautiful things, to be able to bring my ideas into manifestation.

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