Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crocheted Mandalas

Mandala makers, take note!

Here are two crocheted doilies I made a few years ago, with handspun silks. The doily on the left was made with bombyx silk, in an oak pattern.

The piece on the right was made with tussah silk. I can't remember the pattern name, but it's quite unusual, isn't it!

I love crocheting doilies and these with my handspun silk were really special, and fun to do. I'd love to have them framed someday, right now I use them in my upstairs bathroom.

Work continues on my crocheted afghan, being made entirely of handspun yarns in greens, blues and purples. The one square, increasing in size every day, is nearly two feet square. I'm actually thinking of entering it in the Humboldt County Fair this year, so I'm working avidly on it so it's afghan-sized by the first of August.

My guild, the Humboldt Handweavers & Spinners Guild, regularly participates in the County Fair, with our own guild room, fiber arts exhibits, sponsoring premiums for most of the fiber arts entry divisions and classes, doing a Sheep-to-Shawl demo, and judging entries. Every year I enter numerous skeins of yarns I've spun, and usually several finished pieces -- and I always manage to come home with a sack full of ribbons and some money! I'll post, here, my entries this year.

Back downstairs for me -- I've been warping the loom since yesterday for three woven shiboris, using some problematic Chinese silk (that I will not use again!), meaning I'm working on the "Warp From Hell!"


Sweet Irene said...

Your doilies (especially the second one) look great. My mother used to make them with a cotton blend yarn and they were very nice too, but no match for these silk ones. You are a very talented woman.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i am definitely taking note...exquisite! i too like the second one...
you too are a mandala maker!

Connie Rose said...

Thank you both, for your comments. Have a lovely Friday!