Monday, April 14, 2008

Constance Changes

Change is the only constant. My mom named me Constance because she thought I would be constant. Now that I'm truly my own person -- and oh! it took me so many years to become so! -- I'm not constant for very long anymore. What fun would life be if I were?

Anyway, as much as I loved that olive green background color, I'm in the mood to simplify. I keep being inspired by other artists' white-backgrounded blogs. A blank page on which to splatter one's artistic life!

Despite the new white background, color is filling my life these days. Here are some photos of the silks we dyed over the weekend at my workshop, and the yarns spun up yesterday...

I have some wetted out silk left over that I plan to dye this week. I always forget just how wonderful 100% silk is to spin, especially bombyx, the Cadillac of spinning fibers, IMHO. Incidentally, I've got lots at Etsy just waiting to be dyed and spun up!

Well, I'm late getting started on my Monday, so I'll post off now. Have a wonderful day!


Irene said...

It's like you women are spinning and dyeing gold, that's how precious it seems to me. It must be its weight
worth in it. I would like to go to bed in hand woven and hand dyed silk sheets, now that would be a luxury!

Connie Rose said...

Yes it would. And you deserve it!