Saturday, March 29, 2008

Purples and Blues

Here are my latest two weavings, completed yesterday. The warp is handdyed, handspun bombyx silk, very fine two ply. The weft in the piece on the left is handdyed, handspun bombyx hankies, of a very similar colorway as the warp. The piece on the right uses the same yarn for weft as for warp. They are each 6.5" by 64" and weighs 1.38 ounces.

I'm intending to sell the one on the left and keep the one on the right for exhibition purposes. With all the silk I've been using over the last five or more years, this is actually the very first piece I've woven where the warp and weft are 100% handdyed, handspun bombyx silk. So it has to be a keeper.

In other creative news, here's a photo of the also just-finished scarf I knit for my sweetie, out of handspun wool that I made nearly ten years ago.

The natural gray wool, if I remember correctly, was a beautiful columbia x corriedale fleece that I bought from a local wool grower. The flecks of blues and aquas were small clumps of dyed white wool that I used in my very first dyeing experiments, and there's also some angelina in the yarn. This yarn might have been my very first experiment with natural colored wool, colored bits, and angelina, a forerunner to some of my more recent yarns.

I hope everybody's having a lovely weekend!


Sweet Irene said...

This morning is a bright and beautiful day and it would be perfect to only wear a sweater and leave my jacket inside. Wrap a shawl around my shoulders and go. I am sure you have the perfect one.

Connie Rose said...

I'm sure I do! The collection is growing.

Glad it's a beautiful day where you are -- it's beautiful here, as well, albeit COLD in the mornings.

And I just LOVE that new photo of you!