Monday, March 3, 2008

Olive Green

Another late evening and I'm tinkering around with my colors. I always go to green. It's the most pleasing to my eye and my psyche.

I am rebuilding a very old Ashford Traditional spinning wheel that a friend bestowed upon me. I haven't done a project like this in a while and I am fondly remembering a beautiful old painted oak secretary that I refinished a number of years ago. Watching the paint literally melt off to reveal gorgeous quarter-sawn oak beneath was a wondrous affair. Too bad I did it as a gift for a friend and it's not in my possession. But I took great joy in bringing back to life a truly beautiful piece of furniture.

Also I have been working today on marketing my art, finally getting around to sending out announcement postcards to previous buyers and others inviting them to check out my three websites.

This is a piece that I recently "bought" for myself from my handmade collection. I do that every so often, go into my studio and "shop" when I need something new in my wardrobe. It is a lovely, hefty piece that is keeping me warm this winter/spring, made of cotton and tencel.

I've had a love affair with the color olive green for about as long as I can remember. I think it started when I was in junior high school, and olive green and baby blue were a hot combo. I once dressed for Hallowe'en as an olive, mostly in olive green with a pimento red scarf around my neck. Then there were the long toothpicks laden with a stack of olives marinating every evening in my father's martinis. Now it's olive green and black for me and I wear those colors together much of the time.

This is quite cool, reminiscing about a color. I think I'll do it occasionally as an exercise in creative reimagination.


Sweet Irene said...

I can understand your love affair with that shade of green, because I had it for a long time myself. A lot of things I owned were that color, as I found myself the most comfortable in it and I also combined it with black.

Now I have moved to brighter colors in combinations with each other. Burnt orange and red and yellow, but always with a little black or gray and with blue jeans.

I think we go through stages in our lives when we like certain colors more or less. Some colors we return to over and over again. I think in the end, I will return to olive green and black.

Connie Rose said...

Irene, if you haven't seen my other blog, check out the colors with this blog, I just redecorated there last night!

Sweet Irene said...

Hi Connie, I just went there and bookmarked that page as well. Thank you for sending me there.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Connie, Yup Im glad you are back to olive green, since it ties in with your other blog. I used to love olive green, and then my skin tones changed as I got older and I fell in love with burgundy. I think olive is perfect for you and your skin tones and your color choices.

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Sue...but you'd better check my other blog, because it isn't green any longer!

See you soon!