Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Show

Our Artists in Flight show opened last night at The Ink People in Eureka to some amount of local fanfare. I think we all enjoyed ourselves as well as meeting with all those folks and potential patrons interested in learning more about our art. I spent the evening spinning silk, talking about my craft, and generally schmoozing with folks many of whom I hadn't seen in a while.

This piece here is something I conceived a couple of years ago, as a hanging to go on my living room wall. Once I completed it, though, that wasn't the right place for it, so I just had the individual pieces tucked away in various places around the house. When I started putting together the collection for this show, the idea came back together for me, and I have to say I am really happy with it now.

The piece is composed of three panels plus a thin strip of warp-painted silk in patterns inspired by animal skin prints. The weft in all pieces is handspun bombyx silk.

Here are Sue O'Kieffe, Joan Gold, and myself on the right, enjoying the festivities. We've fashioned ourselves into our own cohort and have begun meeting on a monthly basis to support each other in our efforts to become better and more widely-recognized artists.

May we all prosper with our art and our lives!


Unknown said...

It sure was fun, huh? I can barely keep my eyes open today!
I really enjoyed watching you spin last night. If you can do straw into gold, surely you could do something with my spider webs too....
~sue okieffe

Irene said...

The wall hanging is beautiful, of course, and it is good to see a picture with you and Sue in it. You look like two regular good looking American women, just like you ought to.