Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fiber Gems

I've been making and using these Fiber Gems, as I call them, for a few years now and I've just posted some on my Etsy site for sale. Fiber Gems are short pieces of my hand dyed, handspun yarns with novelty knitting yarns thrown in for color, glitz, sparkle, and pizazz -- and they make it possible for me to make yarns like this.

Originally I was using weaving thrums, warp yarns left after woven pieces are taken off the loom. But I ran out of those a while back. So now I just cut up handspun yarns (horrors!), add in novelty yarns, and card the gems into wool or other fibers along with angelina for sparkle and glitz.

As soon as my next shipment of fiber arrives from my supplier, I'll be posting yarn kits at Etsy. The kits will contain merino top, Fiber Gems, and angelina. Then folks can make their own brilliant novelty boucle yarns. It's tons of fun and everybody who spins should give it a try!


Sweet Irene said...

Such lovely colors those Fiber Gems are. It looks like they are edible. Like colored vermicelli. You could make a wonderful soup with it.

For some reason I have food on my mind and specifically, chocolate chip cookies. Isn't that awful?

Connie Rose said...

Sounds yummy! I'm off sinful foods for the moment, so enjoy one for me if you end up eating some!

Angela said...
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