Monday, March 10, 2008

Bali, Indonesia

I noticed on my blog visitor map that I've got readers in the Asia Pacific region, so I've been remembering that back in 1984 I was in Bali. Twice, actually. The experience turned into one of my many creative interludes -- those adventures in emergent creativity that interspersed the more nose-to-the-grindstone periods of my life.

I went to Bali with a girlfriend, to get away from it all for a while, and I came back an importer of beautiful Indonesian goods. I went back the second time that year to have some clothing that I'd designed, manufactured there.

I had these outfits, and jumpsuits (oh, so 1980s), sewn and handpainted in Bali, and shipped them back. I had reps on the West Coast for a while but things didn't turn around fast enough (read: couldn't sell enough product in a short period of time) so, unfortunately, I never went back. This photo is of a display in a shop window in Santa Cruz.

The trips to Bali were fraught with their own kind of intrigue, politics between small manufacturers, me, being the American in the mix, not sure at all of what was really going on behind the scenes. But was it ever a learning experience, in so many ways.

Of course, Bali is a fantastically beautiful place and I met really wonderful people there. As I recall, there's no word for "artist" in the local language, because everyone IS an artist. And I was among them for a brief time.

Selamat jalan!


Sweet Irene said...

Bali is said to have the most beautiful women in Indonesia and in a long ago past, many Dutch men got a wife there that they brought back to Holland with them when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony.

Many Indonesian people live in the Netherlands an we are infused by their food. It is delicious. They are truly wonderful people and my best friend growing up was Indonesian.

They are completely integrated in the Dutch society and consider themselves Dutch citizens first and foremost.

It is nice that you had the experience of going to Bali as it is said to be the friendly island. Another experience added to your life.

Connie Rose said...

Thanks for reminding me of that connection between Indonesia and the Dutch!

One of the things I really liked about Bali was that it is the only Hindu island in Indonesia, a country of countless islands, predominantly Islamic. I particularly appreciated the altars everywhere -- in every yard, in front of shops, on the streets, in other public places, everywhere. I was reminded, always, that God is everywhere.

Sweet Irene said...

That's true, their more original religion and freer than the Islam.

It is funny that you mention God, as I mention him to in my post today. The Dutch Reformed one!

You make me want to go to tropical islands and eat tropical fruits and drink sweet alcoholic beverages.

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