Friday, February 8, 2008

Texture, Pattern and Color

Sitting in my Art as Business class last night (through the North Coast Small Business Dev't Center (SBDC) in Eureka), I had an epiphany. Lodged between and inspired by my two local online artist cohorts, Sue O'Kieffe and Joan Gold, I realized that what actually turns me on about the art that I create is TEXTURE, primarily. That it's all extremely tactile for me, in terms of what my hands feel and what my eyes see.

I took 750 photos over 15 photo-shooting days in Italy in October, and looking back over them I see how texture, pattern and color heavily inform my way of seeing the world. I've never realized this at this level before. And that what I seek to create in my textile work is a representation, tactily or visually, of pattern and color and how they interplay.

I see that I'm usually not going for the things themselves that I photograph, as much as the PATTERN that many of those things together create, and/or how different things play off each other on my mind's visual screen to create a textural image of reality.

And then there's COLOR. I look at my world through color filters, especially green. If I don't have green, usually plants, in my field of vision anywhere in my home for instance, then that space doesn't feel complete to me. I think I'm continually composing textural pictures in my mind's eye -- fields of texture, patterns, areas of color. Even my clothes, hanging in my closet or sitting on my shelves, are grouped by color, or arranged in a progression from one end of the spectrum to the other -- white, tan, gold, bronze, russet, brown, black. This is my way of organizing my world, visually.

I just hung my first show last night, of my textiles, in the hallway at the SBDC. Arranged in color order. I selected pieces that worked well together colorwise. I have another show coming up, at The Ink People Center for the Arts in Eureka (as part of the SBDC program) and I'm planning on a different color focus. Which means I need to paint another woven shibori piece this weekend in colors that will work well in that grouping.

I'll be thinking a lot about all these things from now on. I feel like I've just awakened to an organizing concept of how I see the world and how that insight exists underneath my art and behind what I create.


Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Glad to know of another texture freak...great photos!

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Bonnie. I love your blog, too!

Sweet Irene said...

There was a time in my life when I was very aware of that, of textures and colors and I was very tactile and had to touch everything as well as look at it and arrange everything accordingly and I found it very pleasant.

For some reason, I've stopped doing that and moved from the visual and the tactile to words and expression. Now it is always finding the right sentence to make my meaning clear and reading other people's words to find the meaning.

I still very much appreciate artistic beauty, however, and make sure I get my share of it every day, but I feel less of a need to participate. I am an appreciative observer and admirer.

I am so glad that the world is filled with all sorts of people with all sorts of talent and that you are one of them.

Connie Rose said...

Thank You, Sweet You!

Janet said...

Your photos are beautiful.

Leah said...

oo, i love texture too! congrats on your show! i'd love to see pictures of it!

Chris O'Byrne said...

How great to have found your blog! (thanks, Sue) I love pattern (I'm a former math teacher, among other things) and I'm going to enjoy reading your blog. I've subscribed to your feed so I don't miss anything. Feel free to come join us over at

Your link for Sue's website has an error. Just after "mandalas" in the link, you have a comma instead of a period.

Connie Rose said...

Thanks Chris! And I've updated Sue's link. Thanks for that, as well.