Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Purple Haze

The sun shines today, it's a bit warmer, I think the dead of winter is past, and my spirits are rising.

This is that fantastic Heliotrope bamboo that I spun up last week. What an incredible color, eh?

I have weaving to do and I keep getting distracted by so many other things. There are times when I can easily embrace all that needs to be done to move my art forward, but sometimes all the busyness of the business side of it seems overwhelming, and doesn't leave a lot of time to actually make art. I keep planning to get four pieces woven each month, and each month I'm really lucky if I can get two or three pieces finished. And I have years of projects on my mental list. If only I didn't need to eat or sleep!

With that, I will go weave for a bit. Spring is just around the corner!


Sweet Irene said...

How frustrating it must be to be so inspired and to not have enough time to bring it to fruition. It would be wonderful if artists and artisans didn't have to worry about all the other things beside their craft. If I ran the country...

That purple is a wonderful color. How did you manage that? Is it a natural color?

Chris O'Byrne said...

Holy cow, that color is amazing!!